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Extract Emails From Text - Get Domains / Usernames From list Email Addresses - Add prefix or/and suffix to each Email or Domain or Username extracted.

Extract email addresses from any text with this free utility. Simply copy, paste or upload from txt file and start extracting and filternig your data.

  • Please use this tool responsibly. DO NOT misuse this tool for spaming. Ex-Robotos does not responsible for any unethical activities especially spaming...

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Filter Option:1
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Filter Option:2


How to use?

Copy any text from anywhere and paste it into the "Input Window" or just upload your txt file. Click the "Extract" button. If the text contains any email addresses, they will appear in the "Output Window".

+13 Amazing Features:

  1. paste your text into the "Input Window" or just upload your file text.
  2. Extract emails without repeating the same email.
  3. Display total extracted emails.
  4. Select different separator for each email (or enter your own).
  5. Group emails by number specified by you. Each group is separated by new line.
  6. Option to sort emails alphabetically.
  7. Option to extract or exclude email containing only or not containing certain string.
  8. Option to extract domain instead of email addresses.
  9. Option to extract username from email addresses.
  10. Option to add prefix or/and suffix to each result mail or domain or user extracted.
  11. Option to convert all result extracted to uppercase or lowercase.
  12. Option to copy output result to input window with one click
  13. Option to save result extracted to .txt file Unix. or Dos.